Is Your Food Your Medicine?

Is Your Food Your Medicine? Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food – attributed to Hippocrates Are you like me, who hear the word ‘medicine’ and already feel a revolt in the belly? Hard as it may seem, we cannot run away from it. We are being told that we can actually make our food... read more

Dr. Sebi’s Nutritional Guide

Dr. Sebi’s Nutritional Guide I am so excited, why? Dr Sebi simply spells out what our nutrition should be. So make your decision after reading his recommendations. One of my consultants directed me to this website and I cannot but share with you. You are probably on a health journey if you are on... read more

Wheatgrass: A Gift of Nature

Wheatgrass: A Gift of Nature “Let me share my vision with you: I see the world without sickness, sorrow or mental disturbances in which we are living in perfect balance and abundant health and harmony.” – Dr. Ann Wigmore Did you know: 1. That wheatberries are the seeds used for wheat... read more

What’s Your Child Snacking On?

What’s Your Child Snacking On? Our food chain is so clogged up with GM foods, animals pumped full of junk, sugar and fat a norm. If we want to protect the next generation we need to be making sure our kids get the best natural foods to ensure healthy eating for the future. This book is a tool for... read more

Could That Soaked Gari Be Poisonous?

Could That Soaked Gari Be Poisonous? At the African Organic Conference which took place in October 2015, my new friend Sarah had asked where she could get Gari and a few of her friends had been curious, what is gari they asked? Different explanations were rendered by those who knew. How it can be soaked... read more

Are We Defeating Cancer?

Are We Defeating Cancer? In 2012, I was privileged to attend the Cancer Society Conference and it was a very informative experience. There were many speakers who had survived cancer and they spoke passionately of their experiences and the protocols that helped them through. At Lunch I was... read more

Edible Garden

Edible Garden Through my childhood, my mother always had a garden and in it she always had some vegetables and other edibles. Her favorite fruit was pawpaw which she would plant at least ten to fifteen trees around the garden. On most mornings, we were sure to find her a pawpaw... read more
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  • Sooooooooooo looking forward to NITC12 Just about one week tohellip
    Sooooooooooo looking forward to NITC12. Just about one week to go!!  #naturalnigerian   #nitclagos 
  • Like As If I didnt know! Was that your reactionhellip
    Like As If I didn't know! Was that your reaction to this  #Repost  from  @100thseed  ? Don't worry I share your sentiment too but hey, we all need the reminder from time to time. Can you imagine this on every refrigerator ? The post says - EAT LESS: C.arbonated drinks R.efined sugars A.rtificial flavors P.rocessed foods  #100thseed   #eatorganic   #organicfarmer   #sisimiblog 
  • Whats this? That was the question roliorganicessentials asked me whenhellip
    What's this? That was the question  @roliorganicessentials  asked me when she picked this fruit up under its tree. The tree is tall, big and bears flowers, the fruit is succulent and smells really nice. The fruit also reminds me of the Chinese star fruit. So what is it? Is it edible?
  • Food as Medicine Fair in Abuja! A lady whipped ahellip
    Food as Medicine Fair in Abuja! A lady whipped a group of us up about this, her excitement was simply infectious and we all got excited about it too even though it clashes with my Organic conference in Lagos which is for a week, I'm planning to pop in for one day. If you are planning to be there or involved in the planning or know anyone please tag them, it would be nice to meet up. I read Aromatherapy on the flyer.  #foodasmedicinefair   #abujameetup   #organic   #organicfarmer   #organicagriculture 
  • Take A Deep Breathe! Slow down! How many times havehellip
    Take A Deep Breathe! Slow down! How many times have we missed spectacular things just because we hurry past and fail to notice. I often pull myself together to play the 'mindful' game from time to time. I try to take in the beauty around and appreciate it all. So this morning I realised that a tree I walk past quite often had so many of its flowers in bloom. The non-edible pods were also hanging in their hundreds. So magical.



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